Invest in the Real Economy.

About Circle Squared

There is much more to successful investing than just the public markets (or stock and bond markets). At Circle Squared Alternative Investments, our broad experience allows us to make what we believe are high-quality alternative investments available to qualified high net worth clients & family offices. Based on your needs and desires, we can offer you access to deals that have often only been open to the most well-heeled investors and insiders. What does this opportunity mean for you?

Access to a whole class of investments that was previously available mainly to large institutions, pension funds and endowments — from direct investment in private real estate projects to various private equity funds.

A consultative approach to your investments from start to finish by our team of alternative investment professionals — we will consult with you on some of what we believe are the most exclusive, highest quality opportunities that fit your individual investor profile.

Superior customer service. We help source deals, we vet the deals, and we help manage the entire process from start to finish. You will receive all the guidance and support you need, get all your questions answered, to help you feel confident that your investment choices fit within your investment profile or are right for you.

The feeling of being part of a team – we are your partners. Our success depends on the success of the deals we present to you.

Do you want to break into the high-end world of private real estate investing? Circle Squared can give you exposure and access to deals that you won’t find elsewhere.