The CSQ Podcast – How to Survive in Today’s Bear Market

by | May 18, 2016 | Podcasts

In the latest CSQ podcast, Circle Squared President & CIO, Jeff Sica reviews the current dismal state of the markets highlighting interest rates, earnings, and hedge funds.

  • The market is currently in a surge-plunge scenario
  • Markets are over valued and artificially inflated by The FED
  • The current market celebrates bad news, due to its addiction and dependence on economic stimulus – the worse the news the more likely The FED will keep interest rates low – which creates a challenge because artificially low interest rates distort asset prices


  • This quarter was horrendous from an earnings standpoint
  • Sooner or later the law of diminishing returns comes into effect and stimulus no longer works – like Japan’s model


  • Last year’s massacre with the liquidation of hedge funds was the worst we’ve seen
  • Assets in hedge funds fell by $64 billion – which is where some of the selling is from
  • Hedge funds charged big fees and under performed
  • People won’t pay for hedge funds if they can’t beat the indexes

How to Survive in Today’s Bear Market

by Jeff Sica | The CSQ Podcast