“The Bubba Show” with guest Jeff Sica – 8/31/16

by | May 31, 2016 | Podcasts

Circle Squared President & CIO, Jeff Sica returns to “The Bubba Show” with host Todd Horowitz where they discuss a myriad of issues from the deceptive jobs recovery to the current dismal environment of investing. Bubba asks Jeff about the current debt of college graduates; Jeff explains the problems that are caused when debts outweigh earnings. Jeff believes the FED is clueless and stuck in a box, which is why he believes that investing in wealth, not short term gains, is the real value play. And also discusses his favorite hard asset, real estate. He also discusses Bubba’s hedging model, telling the average investor they must protect what’s theirs.

“The Bubba Show” with guest Jeff Sica

by Todd Horowitz feat. Jeff Sica | The Bubba Show