MORRISTOWN, N.J.–Circle Squared Alternative Investments (CSQ), a provider of certain outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) services specializing in alternative assets, today announced the formation of a partnership with Strategic Capital Alternatives (SCA), a $1.5 billion money management and investment consulting firm that provides customized investment portfolio models and operational platforms to independent registered investment advisors (RIAs).

The partnership seeks to empower advisors who work with SCA to capitalize on an investment model long employed by institutional investors – the outsourcing of highly specialized CIO-level analysis – but just now becoming available to independent financial advisors.

“Our OCIO model is a direct response to advisors’ recognizing their efforts are much better spent on gathering assets than managing them, something institutions figured out a long time ago,” said Jeff Sica, founder and CIO of Circle Squared. “What makes our offering even more beneficial is we’re focused on very specialized illiquid and liquid alternative investments, an asset class which many advisors and their clients are unfamiliar. The great benefit of this partnership to SCA is that their client-advisors can now bring to their high-net-worth investors a robust suite of the best ideas in alternatives the industry has to offer.”

SCA offers streamlined technology for independent advisors, including turnkey asset management portfolios (TAMP) that adopt a multidimensional approach to investing by embedding alternative opportunities.

By virtue of this strategic partnership, SCA gains immediate access to CSQ’s management team who will serve as experienced coaches and mentors, to help advisors better understand and communicate to their clients the role and advantages of alternative investments in a portfolio. CSQ’s team will also provide advisory services on a stream of vetted alternative opportunities to SCA’s investment committee for consideration.

“Circle Squared is an ideal partner because of their dedicated commitment to and experience in alternative investments,” said Timothy Feehan, CEO of SCA. “Partnering with an outsourced firm devoted entirely to alternatives allows us to immediately take advantage of their deep knowledge in building an alternative slice into individual portfolios.”

“Our partnership with SCA is to elevate the experience of advisors and their clients by offering an array of tailored alternative investments supported by superior customer service and backed by the most advanced technology the industry has to offer,” noted Sica.

About Circle Squared Alternative Investments

Circle Squared Alternative Investments seeks to act as an outsourced CIO firm, with respect to discrete offerings, devoted to providing independent financial advisors with access to a range of innovative alternative investments previously available only to institutions and ultra-high net-worth investors. The suite of investment products will include real estate, private equity, private credit, natural resources, hedge funds, private placement offerings, entertainment and media. In addition, the firm’s team will serve as coaches and mentors to advisors, helping them to better understand and communicate to their clients the role and advantages of alternative investments in a portfolio. For more information about Circle Squared, visit

About Strategic Capital Alternatives

Strategic Capital Alternatives (SCA) is dedicated to bringing customized investment platforms and solutions to RIAs. The firm helps advisors deliver personalized portfolios, streamline business operations, and reduce overhead costs. SCA also guides advisors through major transitions such as succession planning and bringing on additional books of business. At the core of the firm’s investment philosophy, SCA believes in a 3-dimensional investment approach. This approach helps advisors manage risk through both traditional and non-traditional assets.

SCA recently announced the acquisition of a majority stake in a leading technology firm that builds customized turnkey asset management platforms (TAMP) for advisors.